Our influencers have it made very clear, they are Proud of EU Beef!


On May 25 we managed to get 7 influencers to become #GanaderosPorUnDía.

Authentic cowboys and cowgirls such as Óscar Higares, Gemma Mengual, Samanta Villar, Angie Rigueiro, Jaime Astrain, Antonio Velázquez, or Marta García attended the event.

Together, they shared a day on a beef farm in the Sierra de Guadarrama in Madrid, and were able to discover everything behind Spanish Beef, from the hand of farmers and industry experts: sustainability, animal welfare, the fight against depopulation, zero waste…

In addition, they were able to enjoy fun activities, such as feeding our cows, “making their bed”, or participating in our “rosco vaquero”, with questions about everything they had learned that day.

The day ended with a cowboy barbecue cooked by chef Julius Bienert, where our #GanaderosPorUnDía were able to enjoy the quality and taste of Spanish Beef.

This is how Gemma Mengual became a cattle farmer for a day, and discovered all the sustainability, animal welfare, and the fight against rural depopulation behind Spanish Beef.


Marta no longer just drives a Formula 1 car, now she also “pilots” the Spanish Beef sector! This is how she became a Cattlewoman for a day 😉


We knew that Jaime gave his all on the soccer field…but we didn’t know that he also gave his all on the field! And indeed he did… Find out how he became a Cattleman for a day.


We had seen Óscar many times near a bull, but never so close to a cow! Find out what his experience has been like becoming a Cattleman for a day.


We don’t know if it will come in handy for his next role, but Antonio has soaked up the life of a cattle farmer, and what it’s like to work in the Spanish beef industry, by becoming a Cattleman for a Day!


Breaking News! Angie Rigueiro has become an Authentic Cowgirl… and also a Cattlewoman for a Day! So now she knows how important livestock farming is for the future of our people, and the planet!


Samanta didn’t need 21 days to become a cattle rancher, she only needed 1! And on that day, she was able to experience firsthand how the Spanish beef industry really works.



Our influencers have it made very clear, they are Proud of EU Beef! And that’s why they don’t hesitate for a moment to share it with all their #followers, like you.

Why? Very easy! Because they know that Beef represents perfectly everything they want to transmit, and everything that interests their fans: the importance of having a #healthy diet, of taking care of the nutrition of the youngest, of leading an active life and practicing sports, of being #ecofriendly… and why not? Posture from time to time with the most #trendy recipes, or with a good #barbecue with friends. Because, yes, a person Proud of Beef is very, very #foodie.

For all this, our influencers have become Proud of EU Beef and as such, they are going to help us turn the #proudofeubeef movement into trendic topic from their profiles, focused on gastronomy, lifestyle, family, cooking…

Verdeliss is Proud of EU Beef. She takes care of her family’s diet with the proteins, vitamins and minerals of Beef. Click and discover her recipe


Ana Golpe is Proud of EU Beef! and she knows why: Because Beef is a very complete food, the whole family likes it, and because it has zero waste!


Sezar Blue joins our community. He has prepared a hamburger with his favourite meat, beef. It looks really good!



Rice Paella is Proud of EU Beef. He has proven it by preparing this Beef recipe… with rice! There can be no better way to combine two healthy and balanced foods.


Rafuel55 has prepared a spectacular carpaccio with Beef and he has said: “The meat is of such a high quality that it must be eaten raw”. He is Proud of EU Beef!


We already knew that @Joeburgerchallenge was an expert in “tasting” burgers, but not that he was also preparing them! And of course, he has shown us with Beef from Europe!


Preparing a ribeye is a ritual. Ask @Estrellasinmichelin! Discover hir recipe in this post.


Have you ever cooked stuffed meat? Well @Mimodemami yes, and how good it looks! Discover her recipe. Those who are Proud of Beef adds his personal touch to everything he cooks.


Las recetas de mj reveals the great secret to preparing a delicious “Pulled beef” that melts in your mouth. A recipe for Beef lovers that will make you a great chef.


@Recetasdeescandalo likes undercooked, she has shown us by preparing a fantastic grilled beef ribeye. An easy recipe to cook!


Those who are Proud of Beef know that Beef is the perfect ingredient for traditional recipes, and also for the most trendy ones, like these samosas from @Irenecocinaparati! And you, who would you cook them for?


@Gijonudo, knows that the sirloin is a match for cabrales cheese, and he has given us a fantastic idea to prepare it! Do you dare?


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