Did you know that…

…beef, besides not ceasing to surprise you with its taste and quality, has a lot of curiosities to discover? and a person who is proud of beef!

Did you know…

…the Spanish beef sector generates more than 130,000 direct jobs in rural areas, and has a production value of more than 3.3 billion a year?

…in recent years the Beef sector has reduced its emissions by 15.10%, and is working on new projects, such as the European “Life beef carbon” program, to further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 15% over the next 10 years?

…the Spanish Beef sector is a world leader in animal welfare?

…the average consumption of Beef is 5 kg per person per year? The CO2 emission of this amount is the same as a return trip by car from Madrid to Zaragoza.

…Beef has zero waste? If you buy 1 kg of meat, you consume 1 kg of meat, as it is a 100% usable food. This means that the emission of greenhouse gases due to waste does not even reach 1%.

…each cattle farm generates between 0.75 and 1.57 jobs in rural areas? Or what is the same, 132,000 jobs linked to primary production, essential for areas with a negative migratory and population balance in recent decades. To this data we should add the indirect jobs and those linked to meat processing.

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